RECODA (Research, Community and Organizational Development Associates) is an NGO based in Tanzania. It was established in 2000 with the aim of bridging the technology gap in development through research, consultancy, capacity-building, and facilitation of community-based projects. In the beginning, RECODA’s main activity was consultancy work carried out for various development organizations. Since 2006, RECODA’s main activity has been to develop the RIPAT approach. RECODA has three departments:


1)    The Community Economic Development Program (CED), which organizes the various RIPAT projects and any other projects implemented by RECODA


2)    The RECODA Academy Program, which offers tailor-made courses for rural economic development facilitators to start new RIPAT-like projects and to work on the spreading of development ideas in general


3)    The Monitoring and Quality Control Program, which is responsible for continuous quality checks and for monitoring the implementation of RIPAT projects


RECODA: Nanenane Themi Ground - Njiro. PO Box 10633

Arusha, Tanzania

  • Tel: +255 27 2549350 / +255 0768 224052
  • E-mail: or
  • Website:




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