Planning a RIPAT project

There are several planning activities that must be completed before a RIPAT project can commence.  The project must be well prepared to ensure that it is relevant and fully "owned" by the targeted communities and the local government officials.

The planning of a RIPAT project should follow the steps described in Chapter 3 of The RIPAT Manual. A thorough analysis of the situation in an area is a prerequisite for offering suitable development initiatives. RECODA offers – on a consultancy basis - assistance to implementing organizations in the planning process of a RIPAT or a RIPAT-like project.


Staff training in RIPAT methodology

Implementing organizations may need to provide their staff with additional training in the RIPAT methodology

Staff of the implementing organizations (and prospective members of staff) may have the personal qualities and technical backgrounds necessary for implementing a RIPAT project, but they may not have practical experience in facilitating adult learning (or vice versa). The RECODA Academy Program offers tailor-made courses to meet this need.

Monitoring and quality control

In RIPAT we distinguish between monitoring and quality control. Both activities must be well planned and structured in order to capture the relevant information at the right time as outlined in The RIPAT Manual Chapter 6.

The monitoring information is collected during project implementation by the RIPAT group sub-committee members, the group leaders, and the project managers and group facilitators. However, to ensure impartiality, the information used for quality control should be collected by third party quality controllers who are not involved in the project implementation. The quality control should ideally be carried out by a separate organization that has successfully implemented RIPAT or RIPAT-like projects, or (less optimally) by a separate department within the implementing organization. RECODA offers assistance with quality control of RIPAT projects on a consultancy basis.

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